Tuesday, December 3, 2019

MY POEMS OF CHRISTMAS #2 - “Christmas Poem”

Five years after writing “A Christmas Thought” (see MY POEMS OF CHRISTMAS #1), I wrote the following, if I remember right, for a homemade Christmas card. I was 18, just starting college.


As we recall our Savior’s birth,
How God in flesh came down to earth:
What wondrous Love was then made known,
What wondrous Light from Heaven shown!

And let us think not only of
His natal day, but of the Love
That led our Lord to Calvary
To suffer death for you and me.

Remember, too, that three days hence
Our Lord arose: what excellence!
For Christ therein erased death’s chain,
That we might rise to join His Reign!

So let’s rejoice this Christmas time
And praise God for His Love sublime!
Remembering for what He came,
Let’s magnify our Savior’s Name!

          — David L. Hatton, 12/13/1968

(this is in Poems Between Death and Life
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